About Us

Give a helping hand for visually impaired people

We are a non-profit organization that supports visually impaired individuals traverse life with minimal difficulty

Our Mission

Mission is to promote and enhance quality education to the visually impaired in Kenya and the East and Central African region through provision of teaching and learning materials in braille and audio, provision of assistive devices, training in braille production, lobbying and advocacy, networking/partnership and collaboration.

Our Vission

Our vision is one of a society in which people with visual impairment have access to educational,professional and general reading materials, devisces and services suited to their special needs

Our Values

  • Being non-partisa, non-sectarian and non-discriminatory
  • Maintaining a beneficiaries focus ain all our work.
  • Having a high value for people.
  • Maintaining quality in all our work.
  • Adherence to high standards of integrity and accountability.
  • Promotion of teamwork
  • Enhancement of partnership and networking

ABC Background

The African Braille Centre (ABC) is a regional non-governmental organization registered in Kenya. Since 1987 ABC has been pursuing excellence in the production of education materials in Braille and other accessible formats for visually impaired people with a special focus on children. ABC has provided services in East, West and Southern Africa supporting Braille production centres in Uganda, Tanzania, Ethiopia and Somaliland in Eastern Africa. In Western Africa, ABC has worked with and supported Braille centres in Ghana, Sierra Leone and the Gambia. In southern Africa, ABC has worked in Malawi, Mozambique, Swaziland and Zimbabwe. ABC has also been approached for assistance by centres in D R Congo, Rwanda and Southern Sudan.

ABC has supported education for visually impaired children in Kenya and the region since 1987. During that period, many children in the region have had access to education as a result of ABC’s work. Specifically, ABC has supported learners in the region with educational materials in Braille, print and digital audio. ABC has also been in the forefront of advocating for the rights to education of visually impaired learners. In the process, ABC, in partnership with Ministry of Education and others, has been involved in the development of the Special Needs Education Policy in Kenya, which is now operational. ABC has also been involved in regional efforts to develop standards for Braille and tactile maps and diagrams.

ABC utilizes the emerging technologies to bridge existing learning gap for children with visual impairment through provision of learning materials in alternative & accessible format and by providing assistive devices. In its pursuit of excellence and bring access to education for learners with visual impairment, ABC has been involved in a number of innovative projects that promote use of technology to enhance access to quality education. Some of the projects include Talking books, SMART Brailler, Braille-n-Print, DOT Mini assistive device, Orbit 20 Reader, Production of computer generated Tactile diagrams etc.

Core Values

Beneficiary focus

We will maintain focus on people with visual impairment in general and children in particular, who will be our key beneficiaries. We will always act in their best interest and well-being in our decision-making process and project implementation. We will as much as possible endeavour to include them in all aspects of our programming.

Child protection

We work with children and will therefore ensure that children are protected at all times by our staff, volunteers, partners and affiliates who work or come into contact with them, in accordance with our own child protection policy, and within the established legal framework.

Disability focus

We will always endeavour to pay utmost attention to persons with disabilities in general and children in particular, recognising the need to empower them, and ensuring that products and services that we produce or provide are as accessible to them as possible.

Rights based approach

We will both uphold and advocate for inclusion of persons with disability in general, including those with visual impairment and children in particular, in all development initiatives, as their inalienable human right.

Networking & collaboration

We recognize the need and value in building effective networks and lasting partnerships that help to create synergy in service provision. We will identify mutually beneficial partnerships and networks and nurture them appropriately, for the benefit of our key beneficiaries.

Innovation & creativity

We will constantly be working on new and innovative ways of presenting our products and services to our key beneficiaries. We will be looking out for value-adding developments in products and services within the global arena that are accessible and that would enhance the quality of life for our beneficiaries.

Our Services

  • Research: In endeavor to enhance service delivery and quality products, ABC is actively involved in studies and other research activities relevant to visual impairment in the region. Research on appropriate technology and assistive devices for people with visual impairment is a key component of our work.
  • Monitoring & Evaluation: We are continually engaged in monitoring and evaluation of our services and products in order to ensure that they are of high quality, remain relevant and add value to the lives of our beneficiaries. Field visits where ABC staff listen to and address the needs and expectations of our beneficiaries are a common feature of the monitoring process. We also carry out periodic evaluations and review in orders to establish our performance against set targets and meet the expecattions of our key beneficiaries and other stakeholders.
  • Other Services: At ABC we assist partner organizations carry out audits of their braille production equipment needs. We assist them to procure supply and install the necessary Braille Production machines and equipment.

ABC has been present for over 30 years. We strive to give the best to all visually impaired persons.

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What We Do

ACB provides consultancy services for braille access and production equipment through offering the following services.

Curriculum Braille
book production

We convert curriculum books for both primary, secondary schools & tertially institutions such as Teachers training colleges, Universities into braille to enable the leaners have equal access to information like the sighted ones.

Transcription for
various institutions

We convert braille documents into readable formats to enable the sighted individual to know what is written in braille. We do also change written information into braille to enable the blind people to read what is written. We also do Audio Production.

Machines Repair

We carry out routine maintenance of both the braille machines and the embosser, in addition we repair the worn out machines where we replace the worn out parts with new ones to bring them back into re-usable conditions. We do also train individuals on how to repair the machines for various institutions. We do repair and maintenance of braille embosers such index, braillos and perkin braillers among others.

Supply of braille
material and equipment

We supply brown and white braille papers embossing papers,braillons & JAWs software. Other equipment we supply are perkins braille,embossers,talking calculator scientific calculator,Wrist talking watch,abacus,victor reader,white canes, Thermoform machine, Slate and Stylus, Stylus, UNO Card Game Cubarithms Daisy reader Braille Kit Goal Balls Geometrical Set. We also do braille production e.g Synagies for lift doors, installation of emboseer, service charters, business cards, brochures etc

Our Board of Directors

The leadership wing of African Braille Center

Mr. Michael Gichohi


Ms. Rosemary Mutunkei

Vice Chairperson

Mr. Kiprotich Juma


Mr. Godfrey Kimani


Ms. Monica Mbaru


Mr. Wilfred Maina


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ABC works in partnership with leading institutions and partner organizations