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About African Braille Centre

What drives us


Our vision is one of a society in which people with visual impairment have access to educational,professional and general reading materials, devices and services suited to their special needs


We strive to promote and enhance quality education for visually impaired learners in Kenya and the East and Central African region. Through offering training in braille production, supply of teaching and learning materials in braille, audio, and assistive devices for visually impaired learners. Our efforts also include lobbying & advocacy, networking & partnership, and collaboration.


Being non-partisan, non-sectarian and non-discriminatory. Maintaining a beneficiaries focus aim all our work. Having a high value for people. Maintaining quality in all our work. Adherence to high standards of integrity and accountability. Promotion of teamwork, enhancement of partnership and networking.

Guiding Principles

This is what we are passionate about
Beneficiary Focus

We maintain focus on people with visual impairment in general and children in particular, who are our key beneficiaries. We will always act in their best interest and well-being in our decision-making process and project implementation. We will as much as possible endeavour to include them in all aspects of our programming.

Child Protection

Inline with our own Child Protection Policy, and within the established legal framework, we work with children and will therefore always ensure that children are protected at all times. This applies to our staff, volunteers, partners and affiliates who work with or come into contact with children.

Disability Focus

We will always endeavour to pay utmost attention to persons with disabilities in general and children in particular, recognising the need to empower them. We will always ensure that products and services we produce or provide are of the highest quality and as accessible as possible.

Rights-based Approach

We will continually uphold and advocate for the inclusion of persons with disability in general, and persons with visual impairment in particular, in all development initiatives, as their inalienable human right.

Networking & Collaboration

We recognize the need and value in building effective networks and lasting partnerships that help to create synergy in service provision. We seek to identify mutually beneficial partnerships and networks, nurturing them appropriately for the benefit of our key beneficiaries.

Innovation & Creativity

We will continually be working on new and innovative ways of presenting our products and services to our key beneficiaries. Always looking out globally for value-adding developments in products and services that are accessible and that would enhance the quality of life for our beneficiaries.

Support Our Mission

Join us today in ensuring that children with visual impairment have equal opportunities and access to quality education that will lead to a better future life for them.

Together we can make a difference.

Our Partners

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40,000 +

Braille Volumes Produced Per Year

5,000 +

Perkins Brailles Repaired To-Date

3,000 +

Reams of Braille Paper Supplied Per Year

200 +

Technicians Trained locally and internationally